Eating small with Jimini’s Insect Bars

I love food. I love free food even more. But when I was offered the opportunity to try out a new range of snack bars, with a twist, I immediately said no thanks. Why? Because these were insect bars.

Jimini’s snack bars use a special ingredient to make them extra-proteiny. Cricket flour. Not only does this deliver a decent hit of protein, but it makes for a more sustainable way to produce and consume meat. So, I reversed my decision and decided to give them a try.

The bars look just like any other snack bar. In fact, the branding – which is beautiful; really a job well done – doesn’t make it overly obvious that cricket flour is involved, since you could easily mistake the cricket icon as a brand logo – I mean, Lacoste don’t make their t-shirts out of crocodiles, do they?

And, to my surprise, the bars taste just like any other snack bar. Literally, there is no difference in taste whatsoever. I tried a few of their flavours (apple and cinnamon is my favourite) and all tasted rather nice. They’re no Nutrigrains, but they’re a heck of a lot healthier!

For anyone a little squeamish about the idea of there being cricket flour in the food, my advice is – don’t tell them. And if you’re the squeamish one, then consider that swapping meat for insects is better environmentally, economically and medically.

Of course, most snack bars are not meat based. But I just couldn’t bring myself round to trying their dried insect snacks range. Think of them like flavoured peanuts, expect, they were once a little more active.

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