Affinity – AXA PPP Health Tech & You Challenge

Affinity shortlisted in AXA PPP Health Tech & You Challenge

AXA PPP Health Tech & You is in its third year, and we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with the event, and judging the Health Tech & You Challenge category.

The awards highlight the most pressing current challenges and invite the health tech community to say how their innovations are best placed to tackle them.  This year, in partnership with innovation accelerator The Bakery, the Challenge category looks for the next big innovation that will help people live life well by managing their own health.

Earlier this month we attended a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitching event to determine a shortlist of 3 entrants. The competition was tough, and some great technologies that would have made the cut in other years had to be knocked out, due to the high calibre of entries. In the end, the 3 shortlisted entries were Affinity, Calm Harm and Kokoon Technology.

Let’s take a closer look at Affinity…

Affinity is a connected device for people with cancer to monitor their blood cell counts from home.  Low blood counts are a common side effect of chemotherapy, so it is important to monitor, yet is currently something that is done weekly, not daily.

White blood cells defend the body from infection and low white blood cell counts can result in serious infection and problematic delays to chemotherapy treatment.  From a simple finger prick test, Affinity can help people identify if blood cell counts are dropping whilst they are at home in between chemotherapy cycles.

This can help avoid infection and keep treatment on track.  Affinity provides a supportive link between patient and clinician by automatically sharing results.

Affinity was a stand-out winner for us. The device packs an entire lab (well, almost) in a device as small as a mini-speaker. To give the ability to cancer patients to track their health on a daily basis is hugely important, and we’re in no doubt this will save lives in the near future, and for years to come.

So keep an eye out for news of the final winner and hit the links to find out about the other 2 shortlisted entries, Calm Harm and Kokoon Technology.

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