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Shortlist revealed for AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards

After an exciting process of reviewing entries and a great deal of discussion, deliberation and debate, the shortlist for the third AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards has been revealed today.

The Awards programme discovers, promotes and supports cutting-edge health technology innovations through entries across six categories from students, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals from the UK and around the world.

Pixel Health partnered with the awards and was a judge for the ‘Challenge’ category. Read more about the 3 shortlisted entrants on their individual posts: Kokoon Technology, Calm Harm and Affinity.

The winners will be announced at a prestigious Awards ceremony to be held at the new Design Museum in Kensington, London on 27th April 2017. At the same time, all 17 finalists will be showcased in an exclusive interactive exhibition at the Museum until 8th May 2017.

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The Health Tech & You Awards 2017 Shortlist

The Trending Award

Health tech is making a genuine difference to people’s lives right now. This category is keeping a close eye on which products are being raved about on social media and finding health tech that has been winning fans and improving people’s health and wellbeing.

  • LiveSmart: An innovation to help individuals and companies make significant improvements to their overall health and wellbeing, while also reducing their risk of developing chronic disease.
  • Kardia Mobile: Smaller than a credit card, Kardia Mobile allows people to check their heart rhythm regularly and to find out automatically in just 30 seconds if things are normal or if medical attention should be sought.
  • MyAsthma: An app designed to help people living with asthma understand more about themselves and their condition, and to help to manage it.

The Future Award

In partnership with Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design – Royal College of Art, this category looks for products, services, systems or devices that address future health challenges in a narrative, imaginative and human-centred way.

  • Portable food allergen tester: Allows users to identify allergens within a meal. It is a portable ‘on the go’ practical solution, to be used in restaurants and abroad.
  • Sensewear: A collection of clothes and accessories that emphasise the use of senses. Their primary purpose is to stimulate and improve awareness of our senses while training us to better use them all.

AXA PPP Health Tech & You Challenge

This category, where Pixel Health was a judge, looks for the next big innovation that will help people live life well by managing their own health – technologies that inspire people to stay healthy, get better or support them when they’re unwell.

  • Affinity: A connected device for people with cancer to monitor their blood cell counts from home.
  • Calm Harm: A smartphone app developed by Dr Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, that helps children and young people manage their urge to self-harm.
  • Kokoon Technology: Using clinically validated audio relaxation therapies and state of the art EEG sensors, Kokoon adapts to the user and their environment; quietening as they fall asleep, reacting to the sounds around and learning what helps the user rest and relax.

The Health & Care Professional’s Choice

This category highlights a health technology which is highly valued by health and care professionals. In partnership with Roy Lilley’s pioneering Academy of Fabulous Stuff, it looks for the person focused health technology that professionals think have made a significant difference to care.

  • Cellnovo: Compact, tubeless, intuitive and entirely connected, Cellnovo’s insulin pump comprises a mobile touchscreen controller with an integrated blood glucose meter.
  • TickerFit: An app that gives health professionals the tools to support patients in self-managing their heart health. Tailored programmes are delivered to patients via dedicated applications on their smartphone, enabling patients to learn about their condition and what actions they can take.
  • uMotif: A platform to capture high-quality health data from patients, through digital tools they love to use. The platform has been clinically proven through trials in the NHS, and deployed through world-leading studies, capturing millions of data points.

The Health Tech & Age Award

Thanks to health tech, people after retirement have never had as much control over their own health and wellbeing as they do now. In partnership with The Age of No Retirement, this category aims to identify excellence in design innovation and technical adoption of health tech that can support independent living as we get older.

  • Memrica Prompt: A platform that tackles people’s anxiety about forgetting people and places by linking photos, videos and shared histories to reminders, which helps users prepare for each day and boosts their confidence.
  • MonitorMe: An intelligent landline telephone that captures clinically validated vital signs from remote locations. It monitors blood pressure, temperature and blood oxygenation measurement by using special sensors designed to fit most hands and ear shapes.
  • MIRA Rehab: A platform that turns physical and cognitive exercises into video games, making therapy easier to follow.

The Wow! Award

It was not possible to actually enter this category, but instead, it’s made up of the truly standout, disruptive innovations entered into other categories. The entries that will have everyone talking. There are always a few and they’ve found their way into this category.

  • Inspair: A smart solution to enhance asthma self-management and improve treatment outcomes. In addition to reconnecting patients and doctors, Inspair provides daily feedback on inhaler use and misuse, as well as helpful information on environmental factors.
  • HealthUnlocked: The largest social network for health in the world. Each month millions of people are supported to improve their health through online peer support and self-management in over 600 health and wellbeing online communities.
  • MABLE: A personalised care management system for older adults, people with dementia and their families to improve their quality of life; monitoring loneliness, depression, anxiety and safety.

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