Doctify’s role in the Healthcare World’s Tech Revolution

The way we interact with the world is changing. You can track your taxi’s journey to your door, stream a brand new TV series in a day and order food with the press of a button – if buttons hadn’t been made redundant by touchscreens, that is. It makes sense then, that the way we find medical specialists is also due for an update.

Doctify’s platform allows patients to search for medical specialists by specialty, location, gender, availability, languages they speak and insurance provider. Patients can compare prices, verified patient reviews and peer recommendations. Moreover, Doctify’s platform allows patients to book treatments, health checks, and scans online with a few clicks and be seen in a matter of days.

The company was born out of founder Stephanie Eltz’s attempts to find a dermatologist for herself; despite being an NHS surgeon herself, she struggled to find someone to suit her needs. She had found a gap in the market – if even a doctor couldn’t find a doctor, how could patients be expected to? Doctify was the solution, an online platform for patients to search, compare and book doctors online. Eltz teamed up with Daniel Jung, a former business consultant, and fellow surgeon Suman Saha to make the idea a reality.

Who would you send your own child to?

The review system provides transparency and makes patients feel more confident when booking medical specialists. As co-founder Suman Saha (also an NHS surgeon) puts it, “The most powerful question you can ask your doctor when seeking a specialist is ‘Who would you send your own child to?’” Doctify has taken that concept and digitised it by giving patients access to both peer recommendations and verified patient reviews to help them make informed decisions.

The demand for a platform like Doctify shows that the healthcare world is evolving; patients now require information and aggregation to make important decisions. Mere proximity is no longer sufficient when looking to book an appointment, which is why Doctify’s search criteria and reviews are not just helpful but necessary.

So, what does the future hold for global healthcare tech? Regular face to face health-checks could be replaced with remote monitoring systems, people could instant message with their doctors instead of calling and fully digitised medical histories could be stored in the cloud. Whatever the future holds, one thing is clear: people are at the heart of this industry, something that Doctify has identified from the start.

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