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Clue introduces smart pill tracking

As the name suggests, birth control should be as controlled as possible, and Clue has set about tightening up the procedure for women with its new smart pill tracking.

Making it easier for women to find the right pill for them, new features include a design which tracks whether a pill has been taken for a particular day or not, as part of a system which also records unprotected days – days on which there is an increased pregnancy risk if pills are missed.

Shake it up

If you are the owner of a smartphone, days on which you forget your pill might be less worrying. App users will now be able to simply shake their phone while on the Clue app for guidance on the best course of action to take, as well as potential fertility changes. It all ties in with a notification system which tracks pills which are taken, and provides the right advice to users when they forget to do so.

According to Clue Ambassador, Dana Chavez: “Since I suffer from depression, tracking my birth control in Clue helps me realise when my mood swings are due to PMS or the pill I’m on. The pill reminder also helps a lot because hormonal changes after missing a pill definitely affect my mental health.”

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