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Whilst doing our duties as media partner for WIRED Health we came across an awesome new startup called Thriva, who offer blood tests from the comfort of your own home, in much quicker speeds than you’d get through the NHS.

In a similar way to DNA testing with 23andMe, Thriva provides a convenient way to keep a check of your own body – whether it is measuring liver function, cholesterol, vitamin D or more (see their full range of tests here). Simply use a lancet to prick your finger, add a few drops of blood into a vial, and send it off for testing.

Unlike your DNA, levels within your blood can change, so Thriva offers subscriptions to keep on top of the way your body is changing. It offers a powerful opportunity for anyone changing their habits, on a fitness drive, or keeping track of a specific condition.

We’ve recently tested the kit out ourselves and will be posting the review very shortly. In the meantime, we have an exclusive discount code for our readers who also want to try the service out. Simply enter PIXELHEALTH at the checkout and you’ll receive 25% off.

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