Has Joylux discovered the way to treat one of women’s most intimate medical issues?

It’s estimated that as many as one in three women will suffer from some form of pelvic floor condition. Often occurring after pregnancy, during the menopause or for some overweight women, it’s a condition that can cause issues such as stress incontinence, sensation and lubrication loss, culminating in severe discomfort.

Using a combination of light energy from red and infrared light-emitting diodes, thermal heat, and therapeutic vibration, the vSculpt is designed to improve vaginal tissue laxity, strengthen and restore the health of the pelvic floor.

vSculpt CEO and Founder, Colette Courtion, wants to highlight the issues faced by millions of women and believes she has found a solution that will enable girls to use the vSculpt as often as other beauty products, “Just as women choose products to help postpone the noticeable effects of ageing on their facial skin, they can now do the same for the muscles and tissue of their pelvic floor, helping them feel younger, from the inside out,” says the former beauty executive, Courtion.

vSculpt is available now and will retail for £375, while there will also be a professional model with increased power and treatment times later this year.

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