Sleep tracker Beddit acquired by Apple

Apple has acquired a Finnish company which creates sleep-tracking software, in a story first confirmed by CNBC.

Beddit, founded in 2007 and based in Espoo, Finland, manufactures a range of hardware and software that is designed to analyse data related to a user’s sleeping pattern, such as the number of breaths taken per minute, heart rate, and the regularity of snoring, among other things. It then displays the recorded data in a companion app compatible with Apple devices.

Beddit products have been on display in Apple stores worldwide since late 2015, however, the California tech giant has clearly decided to take things a step further by fully acquiring the Scandinavian start-up. The ins and outs of the deal have yet to be officially disclosed, but earlier this month the company released a statement on its website claiming that data from users would be “collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy”, thereby effectively confirming the acquisition firsthand.

Beddit’s newest model, the Beddit 3, is a fairly thin and flexible layer of sensors designed to be placed along the top of a user’s bed, from which it then transmits data to a nearby phone or other smart devices. It retails at $149.95.

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