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Emma ‘bed in a box’ mattress review

We’ve been testing out ‘bed in a box’ style mattresses during our sleep feature, and our next product for review is the Emma mattress.

Emma is similar in some ways to the Casper we reviewed only recently. In fact, with the white top, grey sides and blue label, it looks pretty damn familiar, but don’t be fooled – while the Casper is 100% foam, Emma is a hybrid.

Yes, Emma is the Toyota Prius of the mattress world, combing pocket springs with foam. So, how does she fair? Read our review to find out.

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Let’s first take a look at what the Emma mattress offers, before going into the full review.

The Emma combines three layers of foam, with 2,000 individual pocket springs. The theory is that the springs will optimise the support your body needs; delivering it where required, letting off where not.

The three layers of foam include Airgocell® foam, which, like springs, reacts in different areas, adapting to your body, and also providing breathability, so you don’t wake in a sweat. Visco-elastic memory foam makes up the layer beneath the springs, and supportive foam makes the base. Interestingly, the base foam is cut to continue providing different support for specific areas of the body.

The key selling point for the Emma is its ability to adapt. Throughout the layers, there is the ability to serve different areas with different levels of support. The folks behind Emma claim this prevents the mattress from being too soft or too firm.

So is Emma the Goldilocks of the mattress world? Let’s find out.


I’m reviewing the king size mattress, as with all of the mattress reviews on Pixel Health, and the Emma costs £679 for this size, inclusive of delivery. This is a rather good price, and works out at £69 per year, considering their 10-year guarantee. For a good night’s sleep, it’s worth it.

Of course, there are cheaper mattresses, but there are more expensive ones too. Looking at the usual prices for bed in a box style mattresses, the Emma is on the reasonable end of the scale.

For those wanting a double, you’re looking at £599 and if you’ve got a large room to fill, the kingsize is £799. If you’re unlucky enough to sleep in a single bed, then £399 is all you’ll need to shell out – but we’d suggest spending your money on a double bed first!


You may have noticed in the Casper review that the state of the box was one of our few criticisms. It was rather battered, but I’m starting to learn that all bed in a box mattresses will come in a damaged box, and Emma is no different.

The damage was certainly less so than the Casper, and the mattress was completely unaffected. The thing is, these mattresses are heavy, so the box is expected to be a little tattered.

The Emma arrived super fast, within 2 days, and delivery was via UPS, meaning you can track it along the way. I was over 100 miles away from home the day it arrived, so the tracking was extremely useful, and thankfully I made it back home just as the UPS van was pulling up to my drive.


Here’s what you really came for. Is the Emma mattress comfy? Is she really the best mattress in the UK as their reviews claim? Let’s find out.

The Emma was pretty easy to get onto the bed, and even within 5 minutes, she looked nice and plump. I waited until the evening to try her out. But, boy, was it worth the wait. The Emma is extremely comfy – soft where it needs to be, firm where it needs to be. It feels as though the Emma mattress is adapting to your body as if there were a smart chip inside letting it know how to react.

Of course, it’s not a chip, but the combination of springs and foam. Their claim of ability to adapt – the Goldilocks of the mattress world – certainly holds true. They talk the talk and walk the walk.

With all mattress reviews on Pixel Health, we try them out for at least 2 weeks. In fact, I went a week further, since I enjoyed the Emma so much. The comfort continued, and sleep was, well… forgetful. I’d fall asleep, and wake up almost immediately after. Seven hours would have passed and I’d feel completely refreshed, with no aches or pains.


The Emma mattress has no real downsides. With comfort on her side, adapting to your body and movement. It even has holding handles, which makes it easy to move onto the bed – something that is often missed with bed in a box style mattresses.

According to their website, the Emma is the UK’s best mattress. And while we have much more to test at Pixel Health, we feel the claim stands true. It’s well worth a try.

Try out the Emma mattress

Comfort is king, so it makes up 80% of the total score.

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  1. Karen Cooper

    I recently purchased the Emma mattress as it was the Which? best buy awarded mattress for the year 2017 and after reading the good reviews over Pixel Health. It has been a wonderful experience with the mattress so far. The Emma is super easy to set up, keeps cool at night, and is so soft you don’t even need a sheet if you don’t want it. There is a slight odor to the bed when it is first set up, but with open windows and no sheet on, the smell was gone in a day or two. Now it’s just beautiful nights of restful sleep for me on a bed with perfect firmness and hardly any movement transfer. Love this bed!

    • David Clare

      Hi Jessica. Yes, there are handles. I took a look at the images on their review and I think the angles just don’t show them. Unless they have changed the design since my review, there are handles (which is very useful!)

  2. Mark Perry

    I have purchased one of these in a king size and am expecting the delivery today. If the service offered by the company and in particular a gentleman called Justin, who deals with strategic planning, is anything to go on, I’m expecting nothing but bad things! I hope I’m wrong and the mattress is everything I hope it will be but the service during the purchase procedure has been truly appalling….. so far the delivery has taken 2 weeks!

    • David Clare

      Hi Mark. The service we experienced was excellent, so it’s a shame to hear that. However, the mattress is great, so we’re sure you will enjoy it. Please do comment again with your experience.

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