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AI Summit 2017

AI is well and truly here. It’s occurring in all industries and its use in the business environment is growing fast. It is said that in the next 10 years, organisations spending money on AI technology will increase from $200m to over $50billion. AI will help businesses grow and allow workers to complete more creative and valuable tasks rather than reduce human involvement.

The AI Summit is focused towards the Enterprise IT Business leader interested in the practical applications of AI. They look at all the technologies under the AI ‘umbrella’: Machine Learning & Deep Learning, NLP, Image/Video Recognition, Speech/Voice Recognition, Cognitive Computing. They bring together some of the world’s foremost innovators in this space, including the likes of Microsoft, IBM Watson, Amazon and Tata.

The commended programme focuses on the practical applications of AI for enterprises and features case studies from the world’s leading businesses. Major CxOs are scheduled to deliver keynotes joined by some of the foremost researchers and solution providers in this space. It was hugely successful, attracting over 1500 business leaders from 32 countries, 45 sponsors and exhibitors identified a clear pattern of questions among the corporate CxO audience.

Worldwide, there is a shortage of physicians, nurses and other health workers and this shortage is only getting worse whilst training physicians and health workers is often a difficult process that demands years of education and experience. Fortunately, artificial intelligence can help the healthcare sector to tackle current and future challenges. Here are a few talks we attended, on how AI algorithms and software is improving the quality and availability of healthcare services:

  • Deciphering the Impact of AI to pharma & healthcare by Leo Barella, Global Head of Enterprise Architecture, AstraZeneca
  • The impact of AI in healthcare and health insurance: A time for adoption by Damien Marmion, former CEO, AXA Global Health
  • Artificial Intelligence transforming Pharma and Healthcare, Philipp Diesinger, CDO, Boehringer Ingelheim

“Automation is just the start. To differentiate your business, you must also augment your best workers and innovative solutions”


Rainbird is an award-winning cognitive reasoning platform. It enables businesses to rapidly automate decision-making tasks and build tools that augment human workers in more complex operations.

Rainbird were one of the highlight companies, of all those we met at the AI Summit. We recommend you find out more about their team, who worked with Fluid Motion’s qualified Physiotherapists and Osteopaths to encode their model of patient treatment in Rainbird, by visiting their site here.

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