Motiv Ring

Motiv Ring: the most elegant and easy to wear fitness tracker?

The Motiv Ring is a fitness tracker with a difference. By using a flexible circuit board and curved battery, designers have managed to fit the innovative device into a ring, designed to be worn full-time on your finger.

As well as monitoring your activity levels, which Motiv Ring achieves using an inbuilt accelerometer, the device boasts heart-rate (using an optical sensor) and sleep tracking capabilities.

The shell of the Motiv Ring is an all metal casing and is available in slate grey or rose gold finishes. Using this design, which is then made using Titanium, the device is both waterproof and extremely light.

The ring form-factor undoubtedly makes the Motiv Ring a more discreet alternative to traditional, wristband style, devices. It will certainly appeal to some consumers as an option to wear on more formal occasions, or when a band-style device simply isn’t suitable.

Manufacturers state that the Motiv Ring has a battery life of up to three to five days, though they do offer a reminder that this depends on usage.

An accompanying app (currently only for iOS) syncs with the ring using Bluetooth to provide a repository for your data, and offer motivational hints and tips.

The Motiv Ring is currently available in the USA for $199 and will begin shipping internationally in summer 2017.

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