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We interview TOWIE’s Jess Wright on her new fitness programme

Having dipped in and out of fitness, Jessica Wright has now completely overturned her fitness regime, regaining her love of working out and creating a home workout programme Fi7ness by Jessica Wright in the process. We spoke to her about the launch of her new programme.

“I have struggled with my weight and fitness regime for my entire life. I had a lack of motivation and determination which made me feel like I never achieved my true fitness potential.

“Then I met Esmee Gummer, my personal trainer, and my life has since been turned upside down…for the better! The experience has completely revolutionised the way I think about my fitness – working out is no longer a chore for me as the variety of exercises kept me motivated & focussed towards my end goal.

“I now completely enjoy keeping fit, and this programme helps you push yourself at a steady & manageable pace, and still get amazing results. It’s changed my life so I wanted to give all women the opportunity to also change theirs.”

Following the launch of  Fi7ness by Jessica Wright, Pixel Health has been lucky enough to secure an exclusive interview with Jess to chat about fitness, weight, healthy body image, general life.

Your fitness programme is designed for the active, 21st-century woman and as we all know, there are a lot of pressures for 21st-century women, do you feel under pressure to be in great shape?

Yeah, I’m not going to lie, I do. There are so many people on social media nowadays with amazing bodies you kind of feel like you don’t have a choice. However, I’m not doing this for them – I’m doing this for me and I actually feel a lot better about myself so ultimately it is for me.

I’m so glad you feel better and you look great by the way, the work out is working! What is involved in the programme and what are your favourite aspects of it.

It’s a programme that lets you work out every day, 5 days a week for 7 weeks. You get the DVD, a fit ball and pump all in one box. No one’s ever done that before when you’re at home and you get all the equipment you need as well. It’s exciting, we do lots of different things, one days its arms, the next its bums, another day it’s cardio. There are 3 different phases as well so if you want to, you can work out harder.

Does it drive you crazy when you don’t get to exercise? I get frustrated if I don’t have the time or I’m not in the right place to work out, is it the same for you?

Yeah, I do think it’s really important to be consistent. Although, if I do have a few days off it’s not the end of the world. I’m the kind of person who likes to go out and have a good laugh so you’ve got to do things in moderation.

I agree you have to make time for the things that make you happy. Do you think living a healthy life means living a happy life?

I think there’s got to be a combination of both and whatever you do has to be sustainable. You’ve got to enjoy life but I think it’s important that you be healthy as well.

What one thing would you never skip on a workout? I know you include the 7 primal movements in your programme, is this something that’s really important to the workout?

I like to work out my full body, I don’t want to miss anything. My favourite thing to do is an ab blast, I try to incorporate abs into every workout.

So if abs are your favourite body part to work out, what’s your worst?

Probably cardio, it’s exhausting, you really must motivate yourself.

I find it hard to motivate myself, especially if your new to the gym and you don’t see a difference immediately, what motivates you?

Especially, and there are so many mirrors in gyms! Throughout the process, I got better and better and in the end, when I saw myself in the gym in the mirror it’s an amazing feeling to see such a difference.

I think it might be quite difficult when you start off and you’re not feeling good or feel like you don’t look good enough. What’s the most important thing to remember when you start working out?

Easy yourself into it, an injury is common, make sure you know what you’re doing and take it slow.

By easing into it, do you mean warming up? Do you include a warm up on your fitness programme?

Yes, we include a warm-up and a cool down so it’s the full package.

It certainly is the full package, I think it’s a fantastic programme for achieving a great body. Do you think its possible to have the perfect body?

I don’t think anyone is 100% happy with their body, I know I’m not. But you can have the best body for you, whilst feeling comfortable and loving yourself. I feel like I’ve finally got the inner confidence that I needed and had been lacking for so long.

Dean Hodgkin, Head Trainer & Programme Creator, also comments:

‘The premise for this workout is that it’s based on the 7 primal movements and is, therefore, the workout your body was designed for, and will make the most difference to the way you look. Jess herself even struggled with some of the workouts, but shows that with perseverance you can battle through even the toughest sessions, and achieve the results you desire in just 7 weeks. It’s been an absolute please to work with Jess and see how far she has come using this new Fi7ness by Jessica Wright regime.’

The Fi7ness by Jessica Wright programme is available for £49.95 at

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