23andMe updates its customer experience and reporting

23andMe, the DNA genetic testing service provider, has unveiled some new features for customers.

As well as a fresh new design, they have introduced a feature named Trait Reports. They aim to educate readers on how genetics can influence everything from a person’s palate to their facial features and the colour of their eyes.

23andMe has stressed that our traits don’t just come down to genetics and that the reports will reflect this. Customers will be able to compare their ‘uniqueness’ and similarities with the rest of the 23andMe customer base.

Reports will use specific genetic markers to signal specific traits, followed by an analysis of the markers which will be included in a summary at the start of the document. 23andMe will use the reports to compare genotypes between their customers, based on the survey questions which they ask. The different groups will be illustrated with ring charts which demonstrate how common a certain trait is.

According to 23andMe: “The only reason we are able to do this research is because we have the right quality and quantity of data – thanks to our customers who participate in research. 23andMe is extremely grateful for the generosity of our customers in sharing information about themselves.”

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