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Pixel Health is the site that spends much of its time marvelling at technology innovations in healthcare, fitness and nutrition. We aim to cover the latest news, reviews and events in the digital health space, whilst showcasing the best tech and gear for you to try yourself.

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David Clare | Editor

David Clare | Pixel Health Editor

David founded the website in 2012 and is the current editor. He writes about innovations in healthcare, focusing on digital health and well-being apps, with a deep interest in how technology can provide modern solutions for healthcare problems.

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Tim Bond | Contributor

Tim Bond | Pixel Health ContributorTim is the former editor of Pixel Health and now contributor. Tim joined the site in 2013 as editor, and built the site into the biggest hub for digital health news in the UK. He writes about interesting and innovative tech or gadgets that can help us all live a little healthier.

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Georgia Lambert | Contributor

Since 2016, Georgia has been a regular contributor to Pixel Health. Georgia is passionate about living happily through a fit and healthy lifestyle. She writes to bring you the latest findings and honest reviews on tech, recipes, workouts and more.

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