Kiddo health and wellness tracker for kids launches on Kickstarter

A children’s wearable designed to monitor key biometrics and detect unusual patterns, giving parents and guardians actionable insights into their child’s overall health and wellbeing, is being launched today by Good Parents Inc.

Designed for children aged 3-10 years old, Kiddo is worn on the wrist and monitors key biometrics including skin temperature, heart rate, sleep, activity and perspiration levels, all of which help you learn what is normal for your child.

This means that if the algorithm detects changes, you’ll receive an app notification to let you know if your child may be getting sick, stressed, is sleeping badly or could be eating better, giving you the data to back up your parental instincts.

CJ Swamy, Co-Founder and CEO at Good Parents explains the idea for Kiddo came through a personal experience. “My son ended up with heat exhaustion and dehydration after being out playing, but being young he hadn’t been able to tell me how he was feeling. It inspired me to develop something that allows parents to react faster and earlier in a situation like that.”

As Kiddo is for children, it will be made from durable non-allergenic materials to withstand everyday play. It features colourful and interchangeable top covers that kids can easily swap and attach themselves, so they can pick their favourite characters and designs.

Kiddo is available to back on Kickstarter, with the limited super early bird pledge of $79. If all goes to plan, super early bird orders will be delivered from December 2017.

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