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herdysleep ‘bed in a box’ mattress review

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We’ve been reviewing mattresses left, right and centre at Pixel Health. The latest we’ve been testing is the herdysleep.

Breaking from the trend of ‘bed in a box’ mattresses, the herdysleep is entirely pocket sprung, with only a slither of foam to allow it to be delivered in a box. This makes the herdysleep a traditional mattress. And at £999, it has the price of a premium traditional mattress too.

Read the full review below to see if the price tag is worth it.

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The herdysleep is a traditional mattress in the sense that it is pocket sprung, but it is also traditional in another sense. The herdysleep mattress is 100% British made, with Herdwick wool from the Lake District and assembly in Yorkshire. In fact, the Herdwick wool they use, they pay ‘sustainable’ prices for, to help keep British farmers in business. You can’t argue with that.

With over 6,000 springs within the mattress, it contains the most springs of any ‘bed in a box’ and more springs that you would find in a premium mattress for the same price at a store such as DFS or Dreams. In fact, we found a similar spec mattress in the ‘Flaxby’ range at dreams, but the cost was much higher, at £1,399 – and that is without a 100-day money back trial.

Among those springs is a full fleece, which provides additional comfort, as well as controlling the temperature and wicking away moisture. If you want the full low-down on what the mattress is made of, read our interview with herdysleep co-founder, Darren Marcangelo.

Before we dive into the full review, it is also worth noting the herdysleep is available in custom sizes. The price for custom orders can only be quoted over the phone, but no other bed in a box company offers this.


At £999 for the King Size mattress, the herdysleep is the most expensive bed in a box we have tried. The other sizes are just as pricey, with a single costing £649, double £849 and Super King £1,099. However, considering the single contains over 3,000 springs, you’re getting a lot for your money.

We don’t want to downplay the cost – one grand is a lot of money to drop on a mattress – but there are a few things to consider. Firstly, as we mentioned, a high street mattress of similar quality will set you back more. Secondly, no high street bed will have the 100-day money back guarantee (the Flaxby we compared it to earlier has a 40-day bring back guarantee, but you must swap it for another product). Lastly, sleep is incredibly important. You spend more time sleeping than in your car, yet many of us will pay £1,000 just to get a premium colour on a new whip.

So yes, the herdysleep will score lower on cost, but it will only account for 10% of the overall rating.


Delivery of the herdysleep was super fast and super simple. The box was in the best condition of all the mattresses we have seen arrive at our doorstep, and it was also once of the easiest to lug up the stairs.

The best part was the packaging. No other mattress was a safely secured, with plenty of wrapping to keep the bed safe. A cutter was provided to help remove the plastic wrapping without cutting the mattress, and as the mattress unfurled on the bed, another surprise awaited.

A cute and cuddly soft sheep toy was packaged with the mattress. At first, I thought some rogue wool had made its way into the packaging, but the sheep was the cherry on top that has likely biased my review completely – not least because my son hasn’t slept a single night without it since.

For this reason, the herdysleep scores very highly on delivery. But we won’t let it bias us elsewhere.


It is really important to reiterate that the free sheep toy isn’t biasing our scores on comfort – because what you’re about to read is complete and utter praise for the mattress.

The herdysleep, from night one, is the most comfortable mattress we have tested so far. The bed seems to combine support and softness perfectly while remaining to be a firm mattress. We can only imagine this is due to the pocket springs, which leaves one wondering whether foam may be overrated.

I tested the mattress during the heatwave we recently experienced in the UK, and while my duvet did make the nights a little less comfortable, the herdysleep always remained cool and inviting. Getting into bed on a hot summer’s night isn’t always looked forward to, but the herdysleep was precisely what was needed during the extreme weather.

Two weeks into the test, not a night had gone by where I’d had a poor sleep. Waking up completely refreshed, bouncing out of bed and looking forward to my sleep later that day, I became well and truly attached to the mattress.


Comfort, it seems, has a price. That price is £999.

The herdysleep may be the most expensive mattress we have tested, but there is a reason for it. With premium materials, which not only make for complete and utter comfort, but also support our British farmers, and over 6,000 springs, the herdysleep provides the best night’s sleep you will ever have experienced.

While the delivery score is biased due to the free plush sheep, our comfort score tells all.

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