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OTTY ‘bed in a box’ mattress review

We’ve reviewed a host of mattresses recently, as part of our sleep feature. And while there are much more we’d like to test out, they’ll have to wait until we re-run the feature next year.

But there’s always room for one more, and our final review of a bed in a box mattress is the wonderfully named hybrid, OTTY. Read on to see what we think of it.

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Let’s explore what the OTTY mattress offers.

OTTY is a hybrid mattress, meaning it used both memory foam and pocket springs to achieve the level of support required for a good nights sleep. Specifically, the layers within the OTTY include high-density foam base, ‘OTTY Air Flow’ side walls, 2,000 pocket springs, ‘OTTY Tech’ foam, and a top layer of ‘OTTY Cool Blue Gel’ memory foam.

This top layer is an essential feature for the OTTY. The company – quite rightly – points out that foam can help insulate heat, which isn’t ideal for a good night’s sleep. To counter this, the OTTY’s gel infused topping helps keep the mattress cool at night, even in the height of summer (so quite ideal right now).

As with most mattresses of this ilk, the cover is incredibly soft, with a 500g knit quilt to sleep on top of.


In the adverts I have seen on Facebook for the OTTY, one of the key selling points was the low-cost. They claim that you get better quality than similar competitors (such as Casper and Emma) but for less money.

The mattress we tested – a UK king size – cost £549. This is the cheapest of all the beds we have reviewed, and considering the herdysleep we tested cost £999, then £549 is a bargain.

The others sizes are reasonably priced too, with a single coming in at £299, a double at £449, and a super king costing £649. Even the super king remains cheaper than all-but-one of the mattresses we have reviewed previously.


Not one of the mattresses we’ve reviewed took any longer than two days to arrive, and the OTTY was no different. Delivery was super quick, and unlike any other, it was brought in by two delivery men.

Also much like every other mattress (apart from the herdysleep), the box arrived in quite a state of disrepair. In fact, the OTTY’s box was possibly the worst of the lot, as both ends were open on arrival. However, the mattress inside was extremely well packed and perfectly secure.

Interestingly, if you don’t like the mattress and want to take advantage of the 100-day cash back return, there is even a hessian cover to put over the bed for a safe return. Again, this is unique to OTTY and scores it extra points.

It’s worth noting here that due to the review process, I do not usually purchase the mattresses – I am just sent an email from the PR team that the mattress will be arriving. This means I don’t see if any extras have been purchased. So, what I wasn’t aware of is that the two-person delivery (an optional upgrade) means I could have had the mattress taken all the way to the bedroom. As this option is available, we’re scoring it highly on delivery, despite the tatty state of the box.


As always, comfort is what matters most, and that’s why it makes up 80% of the score. So while the OTTY is kicking ass on cost and delivery, let’s see how it performs when it comes to comfort.

The OTTY felt a little too soft on the first night, with differing levels of comfort across the body, but not in a way that suggests adaptive support. Though, as you can see from the image of the OTTY logo above, it took the mattress a little longer to breathe fully, and over time it did become comfier.

By the end of the first week, the OTTY was indeed offering more comfort, although during the hot summer weather I didn’t notice the gel infused top-layer making much difference compared to any of the other mattresses. But, the comfort levels were similar, and but for the first could of nights, I had a good sleeping experience.

The mattress is softer than others, so for someone who prefers a firm mattress, there were times where I felt it wasn’t the perfect bed for me. However, by the end of the two-week test, I was happy enough to keep using it even longer.


OTTY is a very well priced mattress. You get incredible value for money – not only is the mattress much cheaper than comparable others, but currently you get two free memory foam OTTY pillows with every purchase, so you do get bang for your buck.

It is also the only mattress offering two-person assisted delivery, and so would be a good choice for anyone less able at getting the hefty package up the stairs. While it isn’t the heaviest mattress we have tried, it can still be a challenge to do it alone.

Comfort-wise, we found it to be perfectly reasonable. In all honesty, it wasn’t the comfiest mattress we have tested, but nor was it the least. And bearing in mind the comfiest we have reviewed cost a whopping £999, the OTTY performs extremely well when you consider the sheer value of the thing.

I would certainly recommend the OTTY to anyone looking for a new mattress. I would even suggest people consider it over others, since, for around £100 less, you’re getting a bed that is just as comfy, can be easier to get up the stairs (if you opt for the premium delivery), and currently comes with free pillows too.

What the OTTY offers is good comfort, for good value. Still unsure? Check out our friends at Mattress Matchers review of the OTTY.

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Comfort is king, so it makes up 80% of the total score.

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