Review of Your.MD – a doctor in your pocket

A doctor is just a person. A person with high intelligence, years of experience, and real dedication to their field, and the patients they serve. But they are human.

The human mind has an extraordinary capacity to retain information, but there are limits. The average GP cannot know 100% of all known information about every single disease, condition or ailment. They rely upon databases and referrals to diagnose correctly.

Unlike the human mind, artificial intelligence has unlimited capacity. Only add more processing power and more storage, and you have a limitless ability for AI to know all. When it comes to medical conditions, an AI system can quickly know all there is to know about every condition known to man.

That’s why Your.MD exists. The app is a doctor in your pocket. It is just that they are not human – but that means Your.MD lacks the downsides of the human mind. Provide the chatbot with all your symptoms and Your.MD’s AI can consider every single piece of medical information available to provide a diagnosis.

It is a bold idea, but does it work? Well, an opportunity arose where I could test it out. I spoke to the AI chatbot about symptoms a friend was having after a doctor had misdiagnosed initially. Your.MD came up with a result, and my friend went to the doctors with this new information.

The doctor agreed with the AI. Your.MD worked. But one test isn’t enough, so over the next few weeks, I continued to use Your.MD to test out other symptoms.

While my friend’s medical issue was much more severe, I was lucky enough only to have one thing that was causing concern. I got a rash after playing in the grass. So I put Your.MD to the test.

I had already performed a little Googling. From this, I began to fear I may have Lyme Disease. Your.MD thought I was overreacting, suggesting it was down to hay fever (which I do suffer from) and probably just needed cream to soothe. So I went to the doctor for the human opinion – once again, Your.MD and the doctor agreed.

Of course, two scenarios are not enough, but choosing to get ill wasn’t something I was willing to do in the name of a thorough review. The real test with Your.MD will be how individual people get on with it, and research undertaken to compare the AI’s diagnoses with real doctors.

But it is worth using. Personally, I found it to be much better than Google, as the results were specific to a particular condition, rather than a whole list of results you get from Google – which always seem to include cancer. I’d recommend using it the same way you would ask a pharmacist for help. If the treatments suggested don’t work, go to a doctor – the one that isn’t in your pocket.

You can get Your.MD on plenty of platforms, including Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, Slack, iOS and Android. Find all the links here.


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