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Fresh. Review of Diamond Whites White Edition

Pure brilliant white teeth are hard to achieve in a world filled with coffee, wine and good food. As someone who chooses not to give up these vices – especially the coffee – finding a solution is a constant task.

The closest I have come to a product that works is the Diamond Whites Black Edition tooth polish. With activated charcoal, the polish gives teeth a good seeing too, but due to the charcoal, it makes a good mess of the sink, and even the walls too.

Because of the mess, I had to look elsewhere. Thankfully, Diamond Whites have recently launched a new White Edition tooth polish, so I put it to the test.

White Edition makes far less mess. As the name suggestions, it is not black but white with blue speckles. The foam that is created in your mouth is a similar colour to tooth paste when spitting out, so it is just as easy to clean up as regular tooth paste.

Better yet, the taste is not dissimilar to tooth paste either. The Black Edition had no masking – the product was charcoal, and it tasted of charcoal. The White Edition, on the other hand, tastes minty fresh, and so is something you enjoy using, rather than grimace at.

What matters most, of course, is whether the product works. I’ve found it to work a little slower than the Black Edition. However, I am more likely to continue using it – thanks to the taste and the lack of mess. For this reason, I would recommend the product and suggest it is worth a try.

Try out the White Edition at diamondwhites.co.uk.

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