Review of Bio-Synergy Whey Hey protein powder

We’ve been testing out protein shakes as much as we have beds recently. A good source of protein complements a well thought out training plan and diet, and choosing the best you can afford is essential.

In this review, we test the more expensive Bio-Synergy Whey Hey (watermelon flavour) to see if it is worth every penny.


Watermelon flavoured protein? It has to be disgusting, mustn’t it? Well, it turns out that the flavour works really well. Seriously well, in fact.

The taste isn’t artificial, and nor does it feel out of context (even though it should). The flavour is natural, sweet, and moreish. If it weren’t packed with protein, I’d go for second helpings each time – but you must know when to stop!

Of course, there are plenty of other flavours available by Bio-Synergy, but the watermelon is quite a treat.


A major part of the taste is the texture. The flavours could be spot on (as they are) but if the shake is lumpy, or powdery, then the experience is diminished, and you’d want to move onto another brand.

But, yet again, Bio-Synergy excels in texture. It is the smoothest protein shake I have ever had, with no powdery texture, no lumps, just smooth, frothy milk shake – even when mixed with water.


The impact of protein shakes is always hard to pin down. The training you do, the foods you eat, and the vices you enjoy all play a part in your overall health and physique, but as far as the month long trial of Bio-Synergy went, the results were good.

My aim was to lose weight, but not muscle. It seems that the product helped with this – with a 1kg loss and decrease in body fat. Of course, I’ll continue to use the product and train, to see if the results continue.


At £49.99, the protein is a little expensive. But it is true that you get what you pay for.

Bio-Synergy Whey Hey is right at the top of the range. It tastes amazing, has great texture and is a good quality product that delivers results.

If you plan to take your health and training seriously, then Bio-Synergy is the protein for you.


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