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Earlier this year we ran a feature on sleep, specifically looking at the plethora of mattresses available through the internet. We’ve reviewed the Casper, Emma and many more. But when Leesa, the mattress of choice for the world’s most decorated Olympian, Michael Phelps, offered a mattress for review, we jumped at the chance. As with all our reviews, we get to try the mattress (in this case, keep it) but all opinions are our own.

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The Leesa mattress is entirely made up of premium foam. With a top layer of cooling Avena® foam, allowing for a cool sleep and a little bounce, a middle layer of memory foam, to contour to your body and relieve pressure, and a base layer of dense core support foam, providing structure and strength.

Leesa is a social good company too, and donate one mattress for every ten they sell. And that’s not going to reviewers like us, don’t worry. The donated mattress goes to non-profits organisations that serve homeless and at-risk men, women and children at every stage of their transition to better lives. That’s pretty cool. Plus, they plant a tree for every mattress sold and donate time and resource to local and national organisations.

Think of Leesa as the Toms of mattresses. But let’s not get carried away by their community projects; let’s get stuck into the review.


Leesa market themselves as the luxury choice, so you might expect to see a high price tag. However, the Leesa costs a reasonable £390 for a single, £590 for a double, and £690 for a king. In fact, Which? awards the Leesa as their Best Buy mattress for the under £1,000 category. For comparison, the Eve double is £599 and Casper double is £550.


As seems to be standard with all mattress companies we have tried, the Leesa arrived within 2 days. Leesa use UPS as their delivery parter, which is great since you get updates on when the package will arrive and they’re the sort of delivery company that try and deliver rather than run away immediately after ringing the bell.

The box the mattress came in was in pristine condition. This was a first. All other mattresses we have reviewed came in a box that was battered and bruised. While it never affected the mattress on the inside, it’s nice to see something arrive in great condition when you’ve spent over £500 on the item.

The Leesa didn’t weigh too much either, and was easy to get up the stairs and onto the bed. I’ve reviewed the double, so bear in mind that the king or super king will weigh more.


The Leesa felt soft as soon as I sat on it. And that got me worried. I’m a fan of a firm mattress, so feeling a ‘sink’ when perched on the edge is quite worrisome. But, after testing out a bunch of mattresses already, I’ve learned that you should at least let a foam mattress settle for half a day before you begin to see how it truly feels.

So I left the Leesa for half a day, and then decided to take a late-afternoon nap (all in a days work). I hit the hay at 5pm, thinking I’d just have 30 mins or so. At 9pm I woke up extremely refreshed, albeit without much time to get much else done in the day. The Leesa had felt a little softer than I am used to, but the comfort was incredible; hence the 4 hour ‘nap’.

Of course, I tested the Leesa for 2-weeks to make sure. Each morning I would wake refreshed. I never once woke up too hot, and can’t remember tossing and turning either. It really isn’t too soft, either. The top layer is soft and contours to your body, but you can tell there’s a lot of structure to it, giving it a combination of softness and firmness in just the right way. It’s a goldilocks bed.


The Leesa is a great quality mattress offering a really good nights sleep. At a reasonable price, and using premium materials, it is very good value.

If the high level of comfort isn’t enough to swing you, their social innovation should. Giving away £500+ mattresses for free doesn’t make much business sense, but Leesa do it anyway, to help people who find themselves in truly difficult situations.

For this reason, I’m adding a fourth category to the rating. Comfort is still worth 80%, with cost, delivery and ethics each seeing an equal share of the remaining 20%. So this doesn’t change much, but I feel their social good should be rewarded.

Try the Leesa today and make use of their 100-night trial

Comfort is king, so it makes up 80% of the total score.

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  1. Miriam Akiseva

    Hi David,
    Thanks for the review here. I am in the market for a new mattress and after seeing the Leesa TV advert I went to research about this mattress. I am an avid ‘side sleeper’ so can you please give me your thoughts on how Leesa performed in this position for you? Reading another article here https://bestmattressuk.com/leesa-mattress-review/ they say that it is really good for side sleepers. But I want to double check with more sources before I purchase. Also is the cover removable?

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