WIRED Health 2018

Join us for the 5th WIRED Health on March 13 2018

Pixel Health has partnered with WIRED Health since its first-ever event back in 2013, and this year is no different.

We will be joining the hundreds of healthcare, pharmaceutical and technology influencers and leaders on March 13 at the Francis Crick Institute, London, to hear compelling stories from disruptors in the health, digital health and pharmaceutical industries.

And you should come along too.

Why? Because the speakers at WIRED Health are, year on year, phenomenal. The stories they tell are unique, TED-worthy and 100% showcase where the future of health is headed. Here are but a few of this year’s speakers:

Michael Hornberger, clinical neuroscientist and co-creator, Sea Hero Quest

Michael Hornberger co-created Sea Hero Quest, an interactive smartphone game that is designed to efficiently crowdsource large amounts of research which may help understand approaches to early detection in dementia.

Mary Herbert, professor of reproductive biology, Newcastle University

Mitochondrial research by Mary Herbert’s team has led to the possibility of the “three-parent” baby, a regulation-changing treatment that makes it possible for babies to be made from two women and a man.

Romain Pizzi, wildlife veterinary surgeon, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

As a pioneer of keyhole surgery in wildlife, veterinary surgeon Romain Pizzi is renowned for performing brain surgery on Champa the bear – a world-first for the procedure – as well as his work developing new surgical approaches that save thousands of animals each year.

Tej Tadi, founder and CEO, MindMaze

Neuroscientist and electronics engineer Tej Tadi founded MindMaze, a neuro-computing company that combines brain-capturing technology with mixed reality and AI to evoke emotion in the virtual world.

Claire Novorol, founder and chief medical officer, Ada Health GmbH

Ada Health is an AI-powered health companion that helps users to understand and manage their health, assisting with matching symptoms to potential causes, and offering treatment options.

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